Financial support   
Grants, sponsorship, equity (i.e. direct investment)

Event Tourism bodies’ ownership of events to stimulate visitation to the destination

Bidding processes   
Bid development and bid support services

Event sector development services
    Research, training and education, partnerships and networks

Coordination    Events calendar, coordination between different government units etc

Destination promotion services   
Marketing collateral i.e. promotion and direct links from DMCs’ and other agencies’ web sites, brochure shells, giveaways, videos highlighting destination attractions and event facilities and services, posters etc.

Providing information to organisations seeking to conduct events on a destination’s event-related facilities and services.

Hosting familiarisation tours and site visits by event organising committees

Assisting with the preparation of event programmes and pre- and post event tours


Lobbying on behalf of the sector on various fields such as matters relating to new infrastructure development etc.

Table G.1 Implementation of an Event Tourism strategy
Diego (2006) Adapted from Allen et al. (2005 pp. 68-72)

Types of Event    Sample outcome goals   
Development requirements

Business Events:
Meetings & Conventions
Trade/consumer shows
•    Attract national and international guests
•    Stress off-peak times
•    Obtain spin-off economic benefits
•    Packages for longer stays   
•    Needs venues and promotions
•    Link to other events

Table G.2  Business Events in a Destinations’ Events Portfolio 
Extract from “A Destination Event Portfolio with sample Outcome Goals and Development Requirements” Getz (1997, p. 104)

Work and touristic motivations   
•    Travel in order to exercise work
•    Engage in tourist-related activities as a by-product of the excursion

Work characteristics   
•    Professional, official role, or business-related work
•    Repetitive, career-related work
•    Prestigious and well paid work
Demographic profile   
•    Middle- or upper middle-class adults

Table G.3 Travelling professional workers
Extracted from Uriely, N. (2001) ‘Travelling workers and working tourists: variations across the interaction between work and tourism’, International Journal of Tourism Research, Vol. 3, pp.1-8. © John Wiley & Sons Limited. Quoted in Davidson & Beulah (2003 p. 255)


Corporate hospitality; Incentive travel
Motivational conferences
Association conferences
Product launches
Consumer shows
Trade fairs; Corporate seminars
Short individual business trips

Table G.4  Business tourism: pleasure quotient
Davidson & Beulah (2003 p. 256)