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At Uno+Uno Team ® The Team Building Company we offer full event management services all over Spain. We provide a full Event Management service from event venues & settings to transport, food and beverage, merchandising, multimedia, training & development services and on-site assistance for your Team Building Event. Place your confidence in our team of professionals and discover what our skilled international team can do for you. Please request a tailored proposal and feel the difference. We are recognised for outstanding customer service and extensive experience in managing Team Building Events and Incentive Travel in Spain. We kindly invite you to take a glance at our destinations in Spain.

Team Building in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, capital of Catalonia, is a lively cosmopolitan city on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Barcelona is known worldwide for many reasons... The Olympic Games hosted in Barcelona in 1992 placed the city once and for all amongst the most appealing destinations worldwide...
Team Building in Ávila, Spain

The city of Avila is located in the middle of the peninsula, scarcely an hour away from Madrid and other cities such as Salamanca, Valladolid and Segovia. There is a connection with the capital of Spain through the AP 51 motorway, and also through the railway with trains running...
Team Building in Bilbao, Spain

The Bilbao of Guggenheim is a city that has displaced its centre towards the estuary district that until recently was an industrial area. Now, in a stunning transformation, what was a manufacturing city has become a modern business capital and a focus of tourism attracted to...
Team Building in Ceuta, Spain

Ceuta is a singular and truly lively city located just 40 minutes away from Algeciras or Gibraltar by ferry. The streets of Ceuta are a collage of temples, languages and costumes where Arabic, Christian, Indian and Jewish cultures live together in harmony...
Team Building in Granada, Spain

Granada was the last Arabic city to be re-conquered by the Christians, putting to an end an empire of 7 centuries, and the best example of the magnificence of Islamic architecture. The well known Alhambra is a wonder in itself, far beyond opinions or preferences. Nowadays...
Team Building in Madrid, Spain

Madrid is said to have everything but a beach. If you decide to come to the capital of Spain for your team building, you can choose any event of our catalogue. With our head quarters settled in Madrid, we are pretty sure to know the setting that best suits your team building...
Team Building in Málaga, Spain

Málaga, capital city of Costa del Sol, is one of the main touristic destinations worldwide with a huge range of services and venues to suit your event needs and live up to your expectations. Golden sand beaches, beautiful inland towns and the popular coastal towns make up...
Team Building in Mallorca, Spain

On arrival on Mallorca, the senses are regaled by the agreeable impact of the light and the colour of the sky which permeates it all. And there's the warmth of the air and our scenery. But there's more to Mallorca than the sensations which tantalize the imagination of the visitor and...
Team Building in Morocco, Spain

Morocco is an ideal destination for a team building events or an Adventure Travel, offering a wide range of settings to choose from: mountains, desert, beach... Morocco is well communicated by plain within 2-3 hours with most European cities such as London, Madrid...
Team Building in Menorca, Spain

The island of Menorca is a natural paradise... In 1993 Menorca was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. A distinction that recognizes the harmony with which the Minorcan people and their natural environment have lived over the time...
Team Building in Paris, France

The city of Love, first touristic destination worldwide, the Mona Lisa, Eiffel Tower... Yes, but is it possible to say something new about Paris? We do have something different to offer! Working together with on our French partner, we can organize a high-standard team building...
Panoramic view of Sitges, Barcelona
Team Building in Sitges, Barcelona

In Sitges, just 30 minutes from Barcelona city center, the Team Building Events portfolio available is very broad. Beach Events, City Gaming, Treasure Hunts, iPad Challenges, MurderMystery, Film Festivals, Sailing, Electric Bicycles ...
Team Building in San Sebastian, Spain

The capital of Guipuzcoa is a city of contrasts, new and old at the same time, because, culturally, its citizens share belonging to one of the most ancient peoples of Europe: the Basques. San Sebastián is the city of Pintxos (basque tapa) This is one of the many attractions that bring...
Team Building in Segovia, Spain

The city of Segovia declared a world heritage site in 1985 by UNESCO cuts a sharp silhouette against the terse blue of the Castilian sky, creating an image which as long ago as the 16th century struck onlookers as a ship of stone waiting for the waters of the two rivers Eresma...
Team Building in Seville, Spain

There are places so full of beauty and history, with so much to offer the visitor that at first glance may seem boundless... Seville is one of those places. A magical city, a crossroads of cultures, a paradigm of unique art,  a continuous exhibition of joy in the streets...
Team Building in Tenerife, Spain

Tenerife Island has an amazing diversity of landscapes ranging from beaches to high mountain, dry and wet areas or almost wild settings in opposition to the more developed touristic towns. A scenario really suitable to celebrate a team building or spend a couple of days in an adventure...
Team Building in Toledo, Spain

Toledo, a World Heritage historic site, is at the same time, a dynamic, ever-growing metropolis, a university town and the capital of Castilla-La Mancha. Known as the City of Three Cultures, Toledo is a meeting place for history and tradition. Toledo is also the land of Don Quixote...